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Artist related news

beatles tabs - Beatles and Macklemore Highlight Our Tax Day Soundtrack
From the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Ozzy Osbourne Johnny Paycheck and Johnny Cash, many of our greatest artists have written about cash - and paying taxes. This Tax Day, drown your sorrows with some tunes about shelling out.

beatles tabs - Thank you, Seattle Mariners
When you're down and out, Eric Clapton says, "nobody knows your name." But when I was down and out recently after a traumatic brain injury that I suffered while coaching my son's baseball team last year, the Seattle Mariners did know my name.

genesis tabs - Over 3 Million Servers at Risk of Ransomware Due to Out-of-Date Apps
We just wanted to let you know that our site content is, of course, available to you absolutely free of charge. Our ads are the only way we have to be able to bring you the latest high-quality content, which is written by professional journalists, with the help of editors, graphic designers, and our site production and I.T. staff, as well as many other talented people who work around the clock for this site.

genesis tabs - Montclair Times Sideline Chatter: MKA volleyball standout Robinson commits to Alabama
Mike Tully never knows where the next Kennedy Robinson will come from to instill his Montclair Kimberley Academy girls volleyball program with its next Super Essex Conference Player of the Year-caliber-career, plus be a terrific student and role model at the same time, but, he certainly realizes where it all starts. After all, Robinson was once at the very grass roots of MKA volleyball as a sixth grader after being plucked from the hallways the year before to become part of the middle school program, and now - some seven years later - she is the definitive role model for the young girls now making their way up the chain of young Cougar spikers on the rise.

eagles tabs - New Orleans Saints Mock Draft 5.0: Improving pass rush is top priority
The mega-trade between the Rams and Titans changed the dynamic of the top half of the draft. It really doesn't affect the Saints' pick much at No.