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Unforgiven Ii tab - metallica

Unforgiven Ii tab search results from youtube
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Metallica - The Unforgiven II [Official Music Video]
The Unforgiven II [Official Music Video] From the album "ReLoad" Director: Matt Mahurin Filmed in December 1997 in Los Angeles, CA Video Premiere Date: January 20, 1998 © 1998 Metallica.

The Unforgiven II - Metallica (Lyrics)
This song is called "unforgiven II" by "Metallica". I wrote the lyrics of this song up for a guy called "stangematter321" also because it is an awesome song! If you have any songs you...

Metallica - The unforgiven II [Lyrics]
Lyrics of the song: The Unforgiven II of MetallicA.

The Unforgiven I,II,III
00:00 The Unforgiven I 06:36 The Unforgiven II 13:04 The Unforgiven III.

Metallica - The unforgiven ll

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